“Unexpected Family is a true story of miracles, redemption and unconditional love. It is pro-family, pro-life, and pro-God’s love and grace. You will be deeply touched by God’s power to reunite a family and make beauty out of any circumstance.”
Chuck Bentley
CEO Crown Financial Ministries,

Welcome to my Unexpected Family

Come back with me a few years to 2010 and sit in my office as I innocently returned a call to Michael Moore, a man I did not know. Little did I realize how dramatically my world would change in the following moments:“Thank you for calling me back, Mrs. Noble, I have a personal matter I would like to discuss with you dating all the way back to 1970. I’ve been trying to find my birth-mother . . . and your name came up in my search.”

This startling statement knocked me off my feet. In 1970 I was a single graduate student, desperately trying to end my pregnancy. As I collapsed back in my office chair I wondered—could this man be the baby who survived my two abortion attempts and was placed for adoption?

Just days before this phone call, a young man called, “Mom!” during the night, and I felt led to pray, “Lord, help my son,” thinking of my grown sons. Was this man’s search for his birth-mother an answer to that prayer?

For forty years, I had kept this secret from those around me. Now as I faced my past once again, I prayed God would redeem that dark time and take away my shame and fear. In answer to my prayers, He did much more. . .

Praise for Bette Noble & Unexpected Family

“The author was invited to speak at our Women of Grace monthly luncheon. Her time with us was such a blessing. Our hearts were touched as she humbly shared of a God-ordained reunion with the birth-son she had originally attempted to abort. It was a moving story of how God forgives and redeems through His love. Her book tells the entire story of God’s remarkable creation of a new unexpected family.”

—Shirley Langley, Women of Grace, First Baptist Church, Elloree, South Carolina